Mucha firebasket pride of place at Plumpton Open Day

A recently finished firebasket inspired by the work Art Nouveau artists Alphonse Mucha and Hector Guimard has been finished by Artist Blacksmith Jake Bowers. It was recently shown to many of the 10,000 visitors who saw the work of student blacksmiths exhibited at the Plumpton College Open Day on May 11th where it was a central feature.

Mucha Firebasket


Jake is currently finishing a companion set consisting of a poker, shovel and brush to go with the fire basket.

For the feisty filly



It’s taken a couple of months to carve the jewellers wax because of other commitments but we’ve finally managed to caste and solder together some example pieces for our new jewellery range. This horses head and scroll ends were carved by Jake Bowers and are loosely inspired by the artwork found on Gypsy caravans, carousels and canal barges. This version has been produced in 925 sterling silver.

Also available in copper, brass and 9ct gold. Approximate prices are:

  • Copper – £150
  • Silver – $400
  • 9ct Gold – £3500+ dependant on gold price at time of production

Wychcross Railings

We’re just completed our first large scale commission for the Wychcross Garden Centre. For the past month we’ve been busy forging 17 metres of Tulip railings to adorn the front of the Wychcross Garden Centre’s new extension. IMG_0149

The design was created by Ben Wood to complement a 4 metre length of panels produced by Plumpton College Blacksmithing students.