Go with the flow

One of the greatest properties of steel, it’s amazing plastic ability to form to any shape, is often missing from much of the metalwork you see in public. So when the good people at the Creative Foundation asked me to come with some ideas to protect a curved bay shop front on Folkestone I jumped at the chance. It was a challenge to make and fit these railings without them touching the ground, but also an opportunity to show what metal can do.



These railings are based upon the theme of disturbed water, because the building is at the confluence of two streams now hidden beneath the roads where the Wedge divides the flow of traffic. The upright bars fixed into the granite blocks under the windows are huge water twists which blacksmith’s would usually use on pokers.



With a white powder coat finish the result is a creative response to a technical challenge, right at the heart of Folkestone’s creative quarter,

wedgerailingswide wedgerailingsclose