Going with the flow

Creating metal work that is beautiful starts with a pencil, I do a lot of sketching before I ever put any metal in the forge. When a detailed drawing has been agreed with a client, it’s only then that I start to produce a working drawing, often in chalk on a laying out bench so that the curve and shape of the steel I heat matches my original ideas.


A Candelabra that mimics the wind ravaged of trees of mountainous north Wales, where it was sent as a gift

Here are some pictures of some recent work produced over the last couple of months. They were all drawings at some point that slowly came to life.


A window grille that has brought some organic lines to the streets of South London


A heart dream catcher to ensure the sweetest of dreams


There’s no better traditional declaration of love than giving a blacksmith’s heart to your sweetheart. This one marks the fateful day that these two lovers met.